Simca-Talbot Horizon

Simca Horizon (1978-1980)

The Talbot Horizon was a compact car of the automobile manufacturer Talbot, which was built from February 1978 to June 1986.

The launch took place as Simca Horizon of Chrysler Europe in September 1978. The car has been selected ( as Simca Horizon) "Car of the Year 1979 ".


The Horizon used the platform of the Simca 1100. In Europe, trim levels LS, GL and GLS were (later, a version with automatic transmission as SX) offered. Since PSA had bought the European branch of Chrysler in the summer of 1978, the vehicle was from August 1979 further displaced by the new owners, now under the new label Talbot Simca Horizon. As of spring 1980, the Simca name was completely gone.

In July 1982, the Horizon was given a facelift and now the program included the models LS ( 1118 cc, 59 hp), GL ( 1294 cm ³ 68 PS), GLS ( 1442 cc 69 hp ), the model S ( 1442 cc 83 hp ) and the SX ( 1442 cc 83 hp with automatic transmission).

The second series differed by some visual changes, such as front spoiler, rear window smaller and an enlarged trunk of the first generation. There is also a 1.9 -liter diesel engine has been introduced. It was from then on a 5-speed manual gearbox in some models ( including the version EX).

Since 1984, PSA decided to discontinue the Talbot - production in favor of new Peugeot models, developed yet by Talbot as a successor to the Horizon prototype Talbot Arizona was launched in October 1985 with the name Peugeot 309 on the market.

The production of the Horizon was finally stopped in June 1986. The specimens already produced were still sold off until the beginning of 1987.

In the U.S., the original Simca Horizon by Chrysler until 1990 was produced under the brand name Plymouth Plymouth Horizon and as under the Dodge brand as Dodge Omni in Detroit. From Saab - Valmet Talbot Simca Horizon was produced in Finland and sold as Saab - Valmet Horizon.