Simon Marsden

Sir Simon Neville Llewelyn Marsden (born 1 December 1948 in Lincoln, United Kingdom, † 22 January 2012) was a British photographer and author. Marsden was known primarily for its unusual black and white photographs " sinister " motives.

Life and work

Marsden attended Ampleforth College in Yorkshire and the Sorbonne in Paris. Subsequently, in the years 1969 to 1971, he worked as a professional photographer, first work has been published in professional journals in the early seventies. Two grants from the Arts Council of Great Britain in the years 1975 and 1976 made ​​it possible to Marsden to travel extensively throughout Europe, the Middle East and the United States, where he photographed the diverse landscapes and numerous buildings.

Marsden's particular interest was always " sinister " motives such as cemeteries, ruins of the old stone and the often associated with the places photographed legends and ghost stories. The gloomy atmosphere of his photographs but is not based solely on a careful choice of motifs, but equally on Marsden's photo technique, which involves the use of infrared film.

Marsden's photographs are now world famous and are found in numerous exhibitions in numerous museums, including the J. Paul Getty Museum in California, the Bibliothèque nationale de France in Paris and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Marsden has published many illustrated books and was committed for a number of commissioned works. The latter found for example in the cover design for the album " Dusk And Her Embrace " Dark of the English metal band " Cradle of Filth " and for the design of a newspaper ad for the Japanese electronics company Toshiba using.

Marsden lived with his wife and his family in an old rectory in Lincolnshire, England. He died unexpectedly on 22 January 2012.

Works (selection)

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  • The Haunted Realm (German: spooks and ghosts ), ISBN 3-89102-269-7, 1986
  • Visions of Poe (German: Pictures from the world of Edgar Allan Poe ), ISBN 3-89102-255-7, 1988
  • Phantoms of the Isles (German: Realm of Ghosts ), ISBN 1-85283-432-3, 1990
  • The Journal of a Ghost Hunter (German: Ghost search), ISBN 3-89102-265-4, 1994
  • Beyond the Wall ( German: witnesses in stone), ISBN 3-89102-305-7, 1999
  • Venice- City of Haunting Dreams, ISBN 0-316-64536-2, 2001
  • The Twilight Hour - Celtic Visions from the Past, ISBN 0-316-64537-0, 2002
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