Simonds Farsons Cisk

The Simonds Farson Cisk plc is the basis of Farson Group and manufactures drinks. At the same time, it is the parent company of ten other companies and is based in Malta. Since the year 1928 It produces beer. In addition, today water, lemonade and other soft drinks can be produced. The market capitalization stood at 19,285,714 Maltese Lira, which is about 50 million euros.


In the early 20s of the 20th century, L. Farrugia & Sons undertook (as Farson known) to step into the brewing and built its first brewery in Ħamrun.

1928 was the first beer brewed in Malta - Farson's Pale Ale - brought to market and marked the beginning of a new era not only for the Maltese brewing, but for the entire Maltese industry. 1929 merged with H & G Simonds Farson, which sent since 1880, large quantities of beer to Malta to meet the strong demand on the part of the British garrison. 1948 came to a successful merger discussions with the Malta Export Brewery, a competing company, and so, Simonds Farson Cisk Limited.

1950 a new brewery was opened, which still stands in Mriehel. 1995 sat Simonds Farson Cisk another milestone as it was the first company, which is entirely privately owned, which was authorized on the Malta Stock Exchange. The operating area extends currently an area of ​​24.000m ². In 1990, a modern brewing process block was opened, and by 2012 will require further investment of LM14 million. ( 32.9 mio. € ) provided in a new brewery, a new distribution center and a new packaging hall for non-alcoholic drinks.

Today, the group Farson stands for leadership in industry and business and manufactures a wide range of drinks - both its own brands as well as under license. The group has also opened up new fast-food product ranges, imported wines and spirits and imports and distributes food.



  • San Michel Pure Water Table, table water
  • Elan Sparkling Water

Soft drinks

  • Kinnie, a famous lemonade, Malta's " national drink "
  • San Michel fruit waves, water in different flavors, such as Lemon, peach, strawberry, orange and apple


  • Cisk Lager Beer and Cisk Export Premium Lager Beer, two lagers
  • Blue Label Ale, a dark brown beer, which tasted similar to the Altbier
  • Hopleaf, a creamy silky beer
  • Farson Traditional Shandy, beer with lemonade
  • Lacto Milk Stout, a black stout