Simpsons Bible Stories

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Bible class in a different way (English title: Simpsons Bible Stories ) is the 18th episode of the 10th season of the series The Simpsons. She won the 1999 Annie Award.


The Church is in pure boredom. For this reason, the family falls asleep and dreams of one Bible story, which were replaced by the characters from the series. Marge dreams that she is Eve from Adam and Eve, while Homer represents their male counterparts. Both live in Paradise and eat of the fruit which God gives them. God says they can all eat up on an apple tree. A snake tricked Adam and he eats more fruits while Eva rejects his action. Adam manages nevertheless to bring Eve to eat a sweet fruit. The moment God sees as Eve eating the apple. He gets angry and banished Eve from Paradise. Adam hides his apples behind a bush, but feels guilty later for Eva. When trying to bring Eva back to paradise, both are banned. Lisa dreams, as they will be punished with Moses, which is represented by Milhouse from Pharaoh, by being locked up in a pyramid. Both can, however, climb out of her. Moses tells the Jewish people should use the toilet flushing more toilets, which are connected with the Red Sea. This allows them to cross the sea, because the water is gone. When the Egyptian slave-owners want to stop it, the water comes back. Homer dreams he is King Solomon and ordered two people to death because they are fighting over their cake. Then Salomon eating the cake. Bart dreams he is King David and fight against the giant Goliath. Goliath wins at first and becomes king. David now trains with sheep, to prepare against a renewed battle with Goliath. When David climbs the giant tower in which Goliath is alive, he can live in runterzuschubsen and kill. David learns now but also that Goliath was loved by his people. He is arrested. Finally, the whole Simpsons family wakes up. She leaves the church and notes that the apocalypse has begun.