Sinalco is a carbonated soft drink and, according to the oldest brand of soft drinks in Europe.

Sinalco is now sold with the exception of Switzerland, from the Duisburg Hovelmann group internationally in over 50 countries. In Switzerland Sinalco is its own brand since the division of the trademark mid-1990s and is now produced by the Ramseier Suisse AG.


In 1902, the Detmold merchant and drinks expert Franz Hartmann, developed together with the well-known naturopath Friedrich Eduard Bilz in Oberlößnitz ( now part of Radebeul ) from tropical fruits and native fruit species a natural fruit drink. Based on the basic idea that the mineral salts and fruit acids contained in fruits are healthy and the fruit sugar weitergäbe its energy directly to the blood, was the first " Bilz -Brause ," the " Bilz Limetta ". In the same year Bilz -Brause developed thanks to a major advertising campaign for the first international soft drinks brand of European origin.

It quickly came to imitators, and to prevent this development was sought in 1905 by sweepstakes for a catchy and protectable brand name for the lemonade. So the name was Sinalco (from the Latin sine alcohole without alcohol ), which was protected in 1907. Since the company exported one of the first beverage brands all over the world including South America and the Middle East, succeeded Sinalco already in the same year, to advance to the world brand.

Early as 1903, Hartmann had built to a design by architect A. Hanke on Bahnhofstrasse 2 in Detmold an administrative and production building. The production area extending to the Sedan road and was later constantly expanding. Since 1987, the neo-baroque buildings are national monuments.

1937 a further milestone in the brand's history were laid: the striking Sinalco logo, the red dot with the slanted lettering, which in the 1950s was followed by the well-known form bottle for Sinalco.

Although forced by the two world wars repeatedly to adjust production and export due to lack of raw materials and broken relationships that Sinalco brand was successful both nationally and internationally by the end of the 1970s: Sinalco was available in 150 countries around the world, and in Germany Sinalco was to part par excellence even used as a generic name for lemonade.

After the death of the owner family Sinalco was taken over in 1970 by the Dortmund Actien Brewery, which is also the legendary, based on the Flea Waltz Jingle " Sinalco tastes " of 1979 brought into circulation. In 1981, the Sinalco trademark rights to the (later Cardinal Holding renamed ) Sibra Swiss holding company. With the acquisition of Cardinal by the Swiss Feldschlosschen group eventually followed in 1991, another change of ownership. Three years later Feldschlosschen 1994 initially sold the German, 1997, the international trade mark (except for Liechtenstein and Switzerland ) to the German Hovelmann group that the German Sinalco GmbH brand drinks founded & Co. KG in Duisburg- Walsum and the traditional brand sinalco revitalized. The remaining trademarks in Feldschlosschen for Switzerland and Liechtenstein on the other hand went in 2002 to the Swiss Pomdor AG, which in 2005 with the Granador AG Unidrink AG (2008 renamed Ramseier Suisse AG) merged.

In parallel, the Sinalco Austria founded in 1998 in Austria in Maria Alm in Salzburg, their management but also located in Duisburg -Walsum. The license rights in Austria, however, apply only since 2003, when REWE Austria subsequently took over the Erstvertrieb. The private brewery Schnaitl began in early 2009, the brand again in catering to place.

In 2005 the company celebrated under the Drinktec in Munich with many international guests its 100th anniversary. In Germany the celebration was opened with a speech by Acting Chancellor.

2009 filled the Hovelmann group from 1.4 million hectoliters of soft drinks.

Since June 2011, the state- Fachingen medicinal and mineral springs GmbH is a German Sinalco.


In Switzerland

  • Sinalco original (since 1905)
  • Sinalco Original Zero ( since 2007)
  • Sinalco Red (since 2005)
  • Sinalco Ice Tea (since 2009)
  • Sinalco Cola (since 2009)
  • Sinalco Cola Zero (since 2009)

In addition to drinks, there are still, in cooperation with holder also sweets.


  • Sinalco (various flavors)
  • Energi s
  • Ice Tea
  • Sinalco Sport ( sugar and acid -free coal )
  • Aquintéll ( mineral water)
  • Sinetta
  • Bitter Range
  • Sinco

In addition to drinks, there are in cooperation with holder also sweets.