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Sindhi (Arabic سنڌي; Devanagari सिन्धी, Sindhi ) is a language from the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-Iranian subgroup of the Indo-European language family.

Sindhi is mainly spoken in the situated on the lower reaches of the Indus region of Sindh in southern Pakistan. In Pakistan, the Sindhi about 18.5 million speakers (one-eighth of the total population ) and is used in the province of Sindh in addition to the national language Urdu as the second official language. Additional 2.5 million Sindhi speakers live in India. These are mostly the descendants of Hindus who had fled after the 1947 partition of India from Pakistan. In India Sindhi is recognized as one of 22 national languages ​​of India. Before the expulsion of Afghan Hindus by the Taliban Sindhi was also common among the Hindu population of Afghanistan.

Sindhi is written in Devanagari in Arabic script, in India next. A phonetic peculiarity of Sindhi is the presence of implosive consonants, which occur in any other South Asian language.