Single Connector Attachment

A Single Connector Attachment (SCA ) binds a hard drive directly into a backplane in the RAID enclosure or the drive bay. This avoids unnecessary connectors, does not produce taps ( stubs ) on the SCSI bus, and makes adjustments to the hard disk (for example, when replacing ) redundant as the 80 -pin SCA connector, the power supply, setting the jumper and the data lines combined. The SCSI ID of a device that you set on the hard drive at normal SCSI hard drives jumper is determined by the position in the SCA backplane. Since SCA connectors are designed so that the earth contacts are closed in any case before the signal contacts (so-called " leading crowd" ), is hotplugging (replacement during operation without shutdown ) allows.

Find use SCSI hard drives to these connectors are often used in servers and RAID systems ( drive associations) whose failure time can be minimized by replacing a defective hard drive in operation.

Via optional adapter boards SCA boards can also be used in conventional wired computers, hot plugging is with such adapters but not recommended, since no exact mechanical guide is guaranteed.