The Singold near Inningen

The Singold is a river in the Bavarian administrative region of Swabia. This is a second-order water with a length of about 50 km. Your source is located in the center of the Waal in the district Ostallgaeu. On the way to the north Singold crosses among others Schwabmunchen and Großaitingen and finally ends in the Augsburg district Goeggingen in the factory channel, a man-made tributary of the Wertach.


Historical maps show that the river next to its current name Singold as Singolt, Singalta, Sinkel and lace was called. Places and streets like Sinkelmühle or Sinkelweg also provide references to those previous names. Still bears the former lower reaches of the Singold, the Augsburg channel Senkelbach, this old name.

The suffix "- gold" or " galta " is vorgermanisch - Celtic origin and means marshy waters. It is also conceivable an origin from the Latin. So does the word " hiccup " about the chuckle ( of water).


River and history

The Singold rises in the Eastern Allgäu district near Landsberg am Lech; its source lies in the center of the market town Waal. From there it flows northward including through Schwab Munich, Großaitingen and Bobingen to Augsburg.

Until 1588, the Singold not yet part of the river basin of Wertach, but flowed west past the fortified city of Augsburg and led at the end than at the Senkelbach Wolfzahnau from the left in the Lech. On September 6, 1588, the Singold broke after heavy rain weather north of Goeggingen into the Wertach. This led all located at its lower reaches mills dry. After negotiations, the miller had failed with the city and the bishop, the Singold zurückzuzwingen in her old bed, were dug in 1589, further downstream, a new tapping of the old bed of the Wertach Singold out. This corresponds to the current channel section wood creek. Thus, the Senkelbach was no longer part of the Singold, but the system has become Wertach; his name remained.

From 1588 to 1884 the Singold culminated in the Wertach. 1884, from the right hand Wertach been initiated factory canal was built in Goeggingen. This combines with the Singold, so that they are now, instead of opens directly into the Wertach in him. The factory channel leads since 1920 proceeds to Wertach channel, which today feeds the wood creek and the Senkelbach. In the Wolfzahnau, a conservation area in the mouth angle of the Lech and Wertach, opens the Senkelbach back to the Wertach.

Tributaries and feeders

Source of Singold to about 638 m above sea level. NN at St. Nicholas in Waal.

  • Oh, right, and south to over 620 m above sea level. NN between Waal and his district Bronnen, about 6.1 km. Gives rise to almost 660 m above sea level. NN north of the hamlet of Lengenfeld Oberostendorf from the Zusammmenfluss some up to about 4 km long headwaters arising southwest to southeast of the village, including the Hafnerbach. The axis is at the confluence significantly longer than the Singold itself ( about 2.1 km).
  • Shors Bach, from the left and south to around 605 m above sea level. NN in the village of Holzhausen the community Ingling, about 6.4 km. Branches east of Jengen to 633 m above sea level. NN to the right on the top Schanz canal, which flows in from the right in the Lamerdingen Gennach.
  • Röthenbach, from the left and south to over 555 m above sea level. Sea level at the northern edge of the district Langerringen the community Langerringen, about 13.0 km. Dewatered to about 610 m above sea level. NN the Großkitzighofener moss northwest of Holzhausen.
  • Disposal of Feldgießgrabens, to the left and north-west to over 550 m above sea level. NN in the bathroom of Schwabmunchen on the southern outskirts. Flows after about 3.5 km from the right in the Wertach.
  • Departure and return of the page run Kaltenbach, to and from left to around 510 m above sea level. NN in Bobingen, about 0.9 km.
  • Disposal of drain Bach, left on over 490 m above sea level. NN in the Upper wheel mill on the southern edge of Augsburg- Goeggingen. Ends after about 0.6 km into the right - side ditch Wertach trout stream, this. Continue for about 0.8 km to the bridge of the Wertach Wellenburger road from Goeggingen to 487 m above sea NN in the Wertach itself

Mouth of the Singold from the right and south to about 480 m above sea level. NN on Gögginger bath in the factory channel.

Cities and towns on the Singold

  • Waal
  • Sinkelmühle
  • Holzhausen bei Buchloe
  • Rolling mill
  • Großkitzighofen
  • Schwabmühlhausen
  • Langerringen
  • Schwabmunchen
  • Mittelstetten
  • Großaitingen
  • Wehringen
  • Bobingen
  • Inningen
  • Augsburg


At Augsburg Augustus fountain, a bronze female figure personifies the Singold. It is provided with a crown -like headdress and a striking necklace and wrapped with a thin veil. In her left hand she carries an overflowing cornucopia of rare fruits and in her right hand an ornate pot, symbols of Horticulture and goldsmithing. Like the three other Augsburg city rivers Lech and Wertach Brunnenbach she takes one of the four corners of the fountain.

In the Golden Hall of Augsburg City Hall a mural of the Augsburg artist Rottenhammer over one of the portals also shows the allegorical Singold.

River Conference

In 2008, a project for environmental design from a cultural, environmental, social and political point of view took place in Bobingen. The goal was the Singold perceive again as an ecological living river and shape. On the final flow conference, invited to the Mayor Bernd Müller from Bobingen, the studio employed Members of fishing clubs, farmers, land owners, business representatives, operators of mills and hydro power plants, local politicians, representatives from conservation organizations together.