Siorapaluk is a small village with 52 inhabitants ( 2012) on the north coast of the Robertson Fjord in the northern part of the Hayes Peninsula.

The village belonged until 2009 to the municipality of Qaanaaq, since then Qaasuitsup Press Office and is only 1362 km from the North Pole. Siorapaluk is sometimes referred to as the northernmost natural settlement in the world.

The name Siorapaluk in German means "little sand " and was chosen because of the corresponding beach in front of the village. In the sea before Siorapaluk many narwhals and seals that are hunted by the Inuit and served in restaurants as a delicacy live.

Despite the small population of the town has its own school and a small shop where a post office is housed.

Jean -Noël Malaurie, a French anthropologist and geographer, spent part of his expedition to Greenland in 1950 to 1951 in Siorapaluk.