Siret ( Sereth German, Polish Seret ) is a small town with about 9,400 inhabitants (2007 ) in Suceava County in the Romanian Southern Bucovina. It lies on the river of the same coming here flows from Ukraine on Romanian territory.


The town was first mentioned on 24 July 1340 and thus considered to be the earliest documentary occupied village in the area of ​​historical Moldavia. In the Middle Ages the town was of greater administrative importance in Moldavia. As part of the North of Moldova Sereth in 1775 part of Austria, later part of the crown land Bukovina.

The term " Sereter Hasidim " a grouping of the Charedim within the ultra-orthodox Judaism goes back to a formed in and around the city 1870-1940 flow.

Today Sereth is as a border town to Ukraine of importance as a customs and border crossing station on the road.

Twin Cities

Siret is a member of European Cities Association Douzelage since 2010.


  • Vasile Andru ( b. 1942 ), Romanian writer, visited Siret in the middle school
  • Elisabeth Axmann ( born 1926 ), a Romanian-German writer, born in Sereth
  • Marian Simion Florea (1847-1907), Romanian theologian and ethnographer, was from 1877 to 1883 priests in Sereth
  • Edgar Hilsenrath ( b. 1926 ), German writer, spent during the Holocaust on the run for several years with his grandparents in Sereth
  • Leo Katz (1892-1954), Austrian writer, born in Sereth
  • Elisabeta Lipa (born 1964 ), Romanian rower (four times Olympic champion ), born in Sereth