Sirr Al-Khatim Al-Khalifa

Sirr al - Chatim al - Khalifa al -Hasan (Arabic سر الختم الخليفة الحسن, DMG Sirr al - Hatim al - khalifa al - Ḥasan, born 1919 in ad Duwaim, † 18 February 2006 ) was a Sudanese Prime Minister and President of the October 30, 1964 to July 8, 1965.


In 1937 he studied at the Gordon Memorial College, he traveled to Great Britain, where he continued from 1944 to 1946 his education at Exeter College, University of Oxford.

He first worked in the education field as a teacher at Bakht Errida Training Institute (1938-1944), after which he was appointed inspector training in Juba and was responsible for the introduction of the Arabic language in the education system and education in Southern Sudan (1950-1957) responsible. Later, he was appointed assistant director of education for the southern regions of Sudan. In 1964 he was appointed the Ministry of Education as Deputy Under Secretary. He became Prime Minister ( October 1964-July 1965 ) and was chosen by the Professionals front to form a transitional government, which was entrusted with the organization of elections.

After the elections and the assumption of power by political parties, he was appointed Ambassador of Sudan in Italy. He remained in this post until 1969 that he was released by the Government of to - Numairi. On - Numairi appointed him in 1973 education minister. He was later dismissed from the training ministerial posts and was appointed as an advisor to the President of the Republic for educational matters. He held this post until 1985, until the on - Numairis government was overthrown by General Abd al-Rahman Swar al- Dahab.