Siw Malmkvist

Siw Malmkvist ( born December 31, 1936 in Landskrona, Sweden) is a Swedish pop singer and actress.


With the song Augustin the young secretary was known in 1959 in Germany. In 1960 she played in the movie Love in Copenhagen. In 1962, she won the second place at the German Schlager Festival in Baden -Baden with the ways of love and in 1964 the first place with the title heartache is not worth. This million-selling song by Christian Bruhn 1964 took ten weeks convene first place in the German sales charts and earned her a Golden Disk. 1965 occupied Malmkvist entitled The fifth wheel on the wagon at the 5th German Schlager Festival 3rd place and won again in 1968, this time at the German song contest, entitled Harlequin by Hans Blum. In the same year she had another major hit with the title Carnival in Caracas. With Adiole Siw Malmkvist was in 1970 scored a big hit success for themselves.

Also a remarkable success they had in 1971 with the title of love like the rose garden, the German original recording of Lynn Anderson hits Rose Garden. With the singles called love L' amour (1973 ), He Loves Me (1974 ) and Sascha takes the violin (1974 ) Siw Malmkvist could still place in many radio charts.

After several participations in the Swedish preliminary decision Siw Malmkvist represented Sweden in 1960 with the song Alla andra får varandra the Euro Vision Song Contest and reached the tenth place among 13 participants. In 1969 she participated as a winner of the German preliminary decision for competition and therefore representative of Germany in part again. They won in Madrid with Hans Blum's prima ballerina in ninth place among 16 participants and received it from their home country Sweden a single point. In 2004, she was together with Towa Carson and Ann -Louise Hanson and titled C'est la vie for the finals of the Swedish preliminary decision to Euro Vision Song Contest - Melodifestivalen - qualify. For the international final was not enough; the trio reached only 10th place nationally in 1996 she hosted the Swedish preliminary decision.

From 2004 to the end of 2007 they toured with Wenche Myhre and Gitte Hænning in the joint program, Gitte, Wencke, Siw - The Show by Germany. To this end, they got together in 2004, the Golden Tuning Fork (platinum - special price ).

Siw Malmkvist sings in six languages ​​across Europe. The singer is married to actor Fredrik Ohlsson second wife and has two children.


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