Sixfields Stadium

  • Northampton Town (since 1994)
  • Coventry City (since 2013)
  • Games of Northampton Town
  • Games for Coventry City

The Sixfields Stadium ( full name: Sixfields Community Stadium ) is a football stadium where the football clubs Northampton Town and Coventry City unsubscribe their home games. The city is located in Northampton and Northamptonshire in central England.


The stadium was completed in 1994 and replaced the County Cricket Ground as a venue for the club. Northampton Town played nearly 100 years ( 1897-1994 ) in the cricket stadium, inaugurated in 1885. Designed and built the venue was developed by the Ballast Nedam Construction Limited, which closed the contract for the new building with the Northampton Borough Council in December 1993. The first game in the sports facility took place on 15 October 1994. Northampton Town met the team of FC Barnet and they separated at the end with a 1-1 draw. The cost of construction amounted to 6 million British pounds ( 7.18 million euros ) and it consists of four covered individual stands. On the stands distribute a total 7,653 seats.

Furthermore the stadium on premises in which are perfect for conferences, meetings and celebrations. Directly behind the East Stand is a track and field facility. Access to the stadium is obtained by one of 14 inputs with turnstiles. The attendance record was set on September 26, 1998, when Manchester City was in Northampton as a guest. To the game of Football League One 7557 spectators came to the sports facility. The stadium also American football and rugby matches and concerts.

Since the 2013/14 season Coventry City also uses the stadium in Northampton as homestead. The club has rented for three years in the stadium.


Grandstand ( Main West Stand )

The main grandstand in the West dominates in height, the other three stands, offering 4,000 places. In the upper part there is a glass lounge; where visitors Refreshments are available. In the lower part are in addition to changing rooms, referee and first aid rooms club offices, a restaurant and several bars and lounges.

North Stand (Dave Bowen Stand )

The stand behind the north contains 1,000 seats. The North as well as the Südrang can be extended further if required. The name Dave Bowen has the whistle from a former player and coach of the club.

East Stand ( Alwyn Hargrave Stand )

The opposite stand is named after former alderman Alwyn Hargraves, had the proportion of the completion of the stadium's construction. It offers fans 1,700 covered seats. On it are also the places (1 % of total capacity ) for disabled visitors. For each handicapped space is also a space for a companion available. Inside, among others, are the changing rooms for the adjacent track and field facility. The roof of the grandstand is extended in the middle part back so that it covers the places in the athletics stadium. Also the Ostrang is provided for a possible expansion of the stadium.

South Stand (Paul Cox Panel & Paint Booth )

Just as the North Stand also has the Südrang 1,000 seats behind the goal. It is reserved for the visiting fans.