Sizaire - Naudin was a French manufacturer of automobiles.

Company History

Maurice Sizaire (1877-1970), his brother Georges Sizaire (1880-1934) and her partner Louis Naudin (1876-1913) founded on June 1, 1903 in Paris, the company SA des Automobiles Sizaire et Naudin and began in 1905 with the production of automobiles. The brand name was Sizaire - Naudin. In the same year, the company vehicles presented at the Paris Motor Show. Louis Naudin died 1913. 1912 Sizaire the two brothers had to leave the company that was then renamed Société des Nouveaux Établissements Sizaire et Naudin. 1921 production ended. The brothers Sizaire also founded in 1913 the Société Nouvelle car Sizaire and 1923 Sizaire Frères.

Rolling stock

The company produced a small, two-seat sports cars that were equipped with a single cylinder engine of De Dion -Bouton 918 cm ³ displacement. The single-cylinder engines in 1910 even reached 1583 cc and were produced until 1913. 1911 four-cylinder models came to possess the engines of Ballot.

After the First World War, the models 13 CV and 17 CV stood with engines from Ballot in the range. From 1921 voiturette arose again.

A car of this brand is on display at the Musée Henri Malartre in Rochetaillée -sur -Saône. Sizaire & Naudin considered to be the manufacturer, the small series introduced the first independent suspension on the front axle.