Sizewell nuclear power stations


Active reactors ( gross ):

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The nuclear power station Sizewell is a nuclear power plant in the UK. It is located at the fishing village of Sizewell in Suffolk County in England and consists of the two systems Sizewell A and Sizewell B.

Sizewell A

The plant Sizewell A consists of two Magnox reactors with 420 MW of installed capacity. The thermal power is 1000 MW. The first network synchronization was performed for both blocks in 1966.

Both reactors were shut down in late 2006 for economic reasons after 40 years of operation. The decommissioning costs estimated at 1.2 billion pounds sterling.

Sizewell A

Sizewell B

Sizewell B is the only pressurized water reactor in the UK. It was built between 1988 and 1995 and was configured for a net installed capacity of 1188 MW. In 2005, an increase of the thermal power by 1% to 3479 MWt and thus an increase of the net power at 1195 MWe has been achieved, although this is dependent on the seawater temperature.

This block is to be switched off in 2035.

Reactor building of Sizewell B

Sizewell C

Since the sale of British Energy to Electricite de France (EDF) in February 2009, there are specific nascent plans for a new power plant with two reactors at Sizewell. There is already an agreement on power connection for a new nuclear power station on site. The planned duration is 60 years.The government estimated at the time that the two 1600 MW reactors would cover together with the planned units at Hinkley Point, about 13 % of the electricity needs of the United Kingdom. EDF plans to use the EPR design from Areva for all new nuclear power plants in the UK. In addition to the Hinkley Point similar power plants in Finland, France and China are currently being built.

On 18 October 2010 the British government Sizewell designated as one of eight suitable sites for new nuclear power plants.

Data of the reactor units

The nuclear power station Sizewell has a total of three blocks: