SJ F (steam locomotive)

The locomotives of the SJ series F (II ) were express steam locomotives of the Swedish State Railways Statens Järnvägar with the wheel arrangement 2'C 1'h4v.


After the Swedish railway network was connected directly to the continental grid in 1909 when the ferry Sassnitz- Trellborg, the tensile loads rose to the connection to Stockholm. The performance of the locomotives used there SJ A ( II) series was not sufficient for it. The Pacific locomotives of the series F from 1914 were built as a replacement for it. A total of eleven machines were put into service with the numbers 1200-1209 and 1271.


Due to the progressive electrification of the locomotives were dispensable for SJ, they were sold to the Danish State Railways DSB in 1937. There they were given the designation E 964-974. A further 25 specimens (E 975-999 ) left the DSB rebuild in the years 1942-1950 at Frichs. The locomotives were there until the mid- sixties in use.

The term F was awarded again from 1942/1945 for the newly commissioned 1'Do1 ' electric locomotives.

F 1200 SJ


The E 964 was sold in 1963 as F 1200 and the E 966 in 1999 as F 1202 the Swedish Railway Museum in Gävle back.


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