SJ X40

The EMUs X40 is used in Sweden by the Swedish state railway, SJ AB. The 43 existing trainsets were built by Alstom from 2004 to 2008 and run from Stockholm to Linköping, Eskilstuna / Arboga, Västerås / Örebro and Gävle / Sandviken and in 2006 to Gothenburg. A total of 16 two-piece and three-piece 27 trainsets were purchased. The second double-decker in the history of the Swedish railway to the Y3 belongs to the family Alstom Coradia duplex. The railcars were mainly procured to replace slower locomotive hauled trains in the Mälardalen.

The first units arrived in February 2004 to test drives to Sweden. Originally, the first use in the fall of 2004 was planned on the Svealandsbanan. Due to different problems of plan use began in February 2005.


The double-deck vehicles originally had 85 seats per car body.

Wide doors allow for a quick change of passengers, so that holding times of 30 seconds and 60 seconds at smaller stations at major stations suffice. The top speed is 200 km / h Often the trains, each with a two-car and three-car unit in the network. The X40 has first and second class with approximately the same amenities, air conditioning and signal amplifiers for cell phones, power outlets at every seat, which are equipped with radio terminal equipped. Wireless internet is available for a surcharge.

During the first year of operation there were technical problems with doors and air conditioning. Complaints from passengers concerned the insufficient space for luggage and the narrow spaces between the rows of seats, as well as the narrow toilets. The trains are designed for regional commuter traffic, many complaints come from the passengers who use the train for longer distances. The lack of luggage space falls on mainly on the route Gävle -Stockholm - Linköping, where the Stockholm-Arlanda airport, many tourists with heavy luggage to use the train. For these reasons, the train was used on the connection between Stockholm and Gothenburg only briefly. When multiple vehicles seats have now been removed and replaced with luggage racks. Thereby, in this car only 78 seats available.

Up to four units can be operated in trainset by multiple control each other, regardless of whether they are two-car trains with two end car or three car trains with an additional means driven car.


The individual vehicles of the train have different type designations. These are X40Z1 and X40Z5 for the end cars and X40Z3 for the middle car. Are coupled together different road numbers, so not all vehicles of a unit have the same number. The complete train set always contains the number of the lowest component ( 33xx ) as a so -called main number.


There were only a total of 42 train sets in Sweden. The last of the trainsets had an accident during the transfer to Sweden in Germany and could not be repaired.

Pictures of SJ X40