SK-42 reference system

The Krasovsky ellipsoid is named after the Russian geodesics Feodosy Nikolayevich Krassowski (often also written Theodor Krassovsky or Krassowskij ) and refers to a frequently used in the former Eastern bloc, especially for the Soviet General Staff map until today reference ellipsoid to approximate the actual figure of the earth (see also World Network ).

The values ​​calculated by Krasovsky ellipsoid parameters are

And can be compared in the table with other important reference ellipsoid ellipsoid, about the important for Germany and Austria Bessel ellipsoid of 1841.

Krassowski has especially the geoid of Eurasia adapted reference ellipsoid calculated in the late 1930s from geodetic measurements that the data bases of previous ellipsoids (Bessel 1841, Hayford 1909), as supplemented by survey data networks and astrogeodätische the Soviet Union. It is, as the table shows, in quality between his predecessors and modern values ​​: Only the values ​​of Helmert 1906 are globally slightly better, but only was demonstrated in 1960 by measurements of satellite geodesy.

The Krasovsky ellipsoid was originally conceived as a triaxial ellipsoid, but because of its application to complicated it was reduced to two parameters.