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Skanderborg, a Danish town, is located in East Jutland between Horsens and Aarhus in the south to the north on Skanderborgsee.


The terrain topography Skanderborg is determined by the late glacial moraine landscape of Jutland. Small lakes and partly wooded hills line the districts. In the southern part of the municipality are the highest and third-highest natural elevation of Denmark, Møllehøj ( 170.86 m above sea level) and Ejer Bavnehøj ( 170.35 m) to the west in the municipality is the Himmelbjerg (147 m). In the neighboring town of Horsens, the Yding Skovhøj is ( 170.77 m). In the near Auental Illerup Ådal located after the Überliefung place of sacrifice, from pre-Christian times.


In the vicinity is the finding place Illerup Ådal from the Iron Age.

Mentioned, the Danish kingdom Chronicle, which the Danish King Waldemar IV has hit in winter 1340 near Skanderborg with his army to the rebel Jutlanders Niels Ebbesen, Ebbesen was killed in battle.

Already in 1166 a group of Cistercian monks had made ​​from the foundation of the monastery monastery Vitskøl pin Øm on the island of the Kære Ø ( the love island). With the founding of the monastery, a church and several massive residential and storage building was built of field stones and bricks, and built as shelters a circular wall with gate tower, palisades and ditches. The draining of meadows and clearing created an agricultural base, the farmers cultivated from surrounding villages soon. The monastery existed until the Reformation in 1536, Jens - the last abbot - handed over in 1560 the stately land ownership as well as the church and the sleeping house of Emsborg, ... to his lords, King Frederik II from leaving the monastery buildings and the now empty church the king build a fort -like castle building.

The place Skanderborg had developed in the vicinity of the monastery into a craft and trade settlement. It received city rights in 1583 by Frederik II awarded, who completed the castle.

Christian IV was made here familiar with the shipping and Frederick IV married Sophie Reventlow here.

In a new structural reform joined on 1 January 2007 the municipalities Galten, Horning and Ry with Skanderborg ( 1970-2006; 143.2 km ²) together. The total area of the new Municipality of Skanderborg is now 436.1 km ².

Development of the population (each January 1st):

  • 2010-14349

Since 1993 there has been twinned with the German town of Eisenach.


Skanderborg is accessible by both the important railway from Fredericia to Aarhus and by the Jutland North -South Highway (E45 ), its continuation is the German A 7. The area of ​​the city is 143.2 km ² Skanderborg.

Culture and sights

Since 1980, the Music Event " Skanderborg Festival " is held annually in a forest near Skanderborg. It is known as " Denmark's most beautiful festival."

Not far from the church of the village are the rune stones Sønder Vissing


Seal of Skanderborg (of J.Th Hansen 1848-1912 )

Skanderborg Castle ( Laurids de Thurah )