Skara Cathedral

The Cathedral of Skara is one of the oldest cathedrals in Sweden. It was built in the 12th century in Gothic style. The Cathedral is Episcopal Church of the Diocese of Skara.

Architectural History

The diocese is the oldest diocese of Sweden and was built in 1014 under Olof Skötkonung. The cathedral, which was built in the 12th century made ​​of sculpted sandstone in the Gothic style, has retained much of its medieval layout and masonry. So was uncovered a well-preserved crypt from the 12th century in the restoration of the cathedral in 1947-1949, and in the renovation in 1999 they found small pieces of stone that have been dated to an even higher age. However, its current appearance is the result of thorough renovation by the architect Heligoland Zettervall and its conception of Gothic in the years 1886-1894. After a fire in the cathedral in the 1940s, was recently renovated and equipped with new, by Bo Beskow artistically designed windows in the choir.

The Cathedral

Stained glass windows by Bo Beskow


The Cathedral of Skara has a main organ and a choir organ. The main organ was built in 1964 by the Danish organ builder Poul -Gerhard Christian Andersen (Copenhagen). The instrument has 46 registers on three manual and pedal works. The Spieltrakturen are mechanical, the Registertrakturen are electric.

  • Couplers: I / II, III / II, I / P, II / P III / P