Skater hockey

Inline Skater Hockey is an ice hockey and roller hockey congeneric sport that became popular first in the U.S. and is practiced in Germany since the 1980s. It was first played with roller skates and known by the name and street hockey skater hockey, the first -line players were on the mid-1990s, after which the name was added to the above set " inline ".


This sport is played in a similar to ice hockey equipment, inline skates or in some cases even more traditional roller skates with hockey sticks and a special orange hard plastic ball ( lighter than a hockey puck ). In addition, the basic techniques of the game with a softer ball (for example, submit a tennis ball to avoid damage) even on simple free places ( parking, uncrowded streets, yards ) may be exercised, what especially children and young people access to this sport easier.

Official venues are triple gyms with normal surface sprung floors, defrosted Hockey plants and plants with plastic, concrete or asphalt surfaces fine.

A team consists of at least one goalkeeper and four field players; in unlimited exchange may total up to 18 players (including two goalies ) are used. A normal game lasts 3 x 20 minutes, not with any short interruption time is different than in ice hockey, stopped. A normal league match is controlled by two referees, two timers manage the clock and penalty benches. There are two, five and ten minutes penalties and sent off.

( Which is therefore also known as " for beginners better suited " apostrophized ) Similar to the Hockey just a regular body is recognized as the "normal hardness ", in contrast to inline hockey. This is specially designed in the rule book of ISHD:

In inline skater hockey national and international championships are held ( under the umbrella of IISHF ).

Differences for Hockey

In the men's, women's and junior level is 3 x 20 minutes in the youth and students range 3 x 15 minutes and played in the Bambini 3 x 12 minutes. The Bambini needs - similar to ice hockey - in addition every 90 seconds take place a block change. With the exception of the first and second national leagues is at national championships - in contrast to Hockey - played with a running time; while the timer stops when the game breaks only in the last two minutes of the last third and during a power play (over -speed situation ), or if it causes the referee, for example, at a longer injury break. In international championships and competitions title is played with stopped time ( pt 8:28 of the Competition Rules ).

The number of field players for inline skater hockey is lower with four skaters as ice hockey with five field players. In the Bambini - game class ( officially called micro pupils in ice hockey ) the minimum team size is 8 fielders ( 2 blocks) and a goalkeeper (8 1 rule).

Other differences to the Hockey are that there is no offside and no Icingregelung. There's a free kick, which is among others a high floor, and if the goalkeeper holds the ball without opposing oppression, played out.

Furthermore, there is the inline skater hockey, a yellow and a red card. A yellow card is a ten-minute Misconduct penalty for the player. As in football, a player receives his second yellow card plus even the red card and is dismissed. If a player gets in a hard offense equal to the red card, the player is suspended for several games. The amount of the penalty decided by the Committee of the game ISHD.

Internationally, there are additionally a black card, which - against the red card - (the usual Ausspielform international meetings ) to a game ban for all other games until the adoption of detailed sentence by an expulsion not only a game, but in a tournament the IISHF leads.


Under the umbrella of the International Association International Inline Skater Hockey Federation ( IISHF ) of the German Skates and Inline Association 's ( DRIV), organized by his Sports Commission for inline skater hockey, the ISHD. The increased spread of the sport as well as the professionalism of the leagues led operation in 2008/ 09 even for changing the multiple German champion inline hockey Assenheim Patriots of the IHD - Bundesliga ISHD game mode.


German Swiss clubs make no difference in the concept and name the sport inline skater hockey inline hockey also. Organised in association IISHF is the SIHV (Swiss Inline Hockey Association ).


Until about 2008:

As of 2009:

Headquarters of the ISHA is in Stegersbach, Burgenland. 2011 contest five teams the Austrian Bundesliga: Vienna 95ers - WAT XX, Admiral Sports Betting Red Dragons Altenberg, ISV Tigers Stegersbach, IHC Irish moss Linz and HC Mad Dogs Wiener Neustadt.