Skaugum is the residence of the Norwegian crown prince in the municipality of Asker, approximately 25 kilometers southwest of Oslo.

Zum Gutshof Skaugum include a total of 48 acres of land, which is still in operation, and 50 acres of woods. It can not be visited. Guarded is the property of the Norwegian royal guard.

The history of the manor Skaugum dates back to the Middle Ages. In 1929 the Minister Baron Fritz Wedel Jarlsberg transferred the property into the private property of the Norwegian royal family, when then- Crown Prince Olav Märtha of Sweden married. As the main house in May 1930 a fire fell victim to the new building was designed by architect Arnstein Arne Berg and completed in 1932. The ground floor is used for representative purposes, while the royal couple lives in the upper rooms.

The property served in World War II during the German occupation as a residence for the imperial Josef Terboven. This blew himself up on the day of the unconditional surrender of the Wehrmacht on 8 May 1945 in his bunker in the garden of the estate itself into the air. Here also, the body of William Rediess was destroyed, who had been SS and Police Leader in the occupied Norway and had recently taken his own life.

King Olav V. lived until 1968 Skaugum when his son Crown Prince Harald V on the occasion of his marriage to Sonja Haraldsen took over the farm. There currently inhabit Crown Prince Haakon and Princess Mette- Marit possession. You are responsible for the operation.