Sketch comedy

A Sketch (English:. Sketch; according to new German spelling also sketch ) is a short comedic scene that follows a reduced action and concludes with a concise final punch. It is stylistically and content related to cabaret and comedy and can also be understood as " ge ( looking ) partway joke".


Skits are usually no longer than five to ten minutes, it occurred to only a few characters, scene changes are rare. It is an act usually tells time coverage, which is tapered to a point down. Reaching this point terminated in most cases the sketch.


The sketch has its origin in 1900 in the United States. The short stage plays were performed as part of the cabaret in minimal decoration. In Germany skits were spread primarily by Karl Valentin and Liesl Karlstadt in the period 1892-1960. After 1940 skits were popular in movies and on television, more recently, as a comedy sketch shows the formats and series.

Known skits

In German language sketches of Karl Valentin ( Buchbinder Wanninger ), Dieter Hallervorden ( Palim - Palim ) and are Loriot ( yodel diploma, the pasta, tip Cossacks, men in the bathroom) popular. Exceptionally from the style is yes, where are they going? , In which Loriot 1972 to an old skit on shellac plate ( on the race track, 1946) drew a cartoon in which his act two typical bulbous noses male.

The British comic group Monty Python breaks the common scheme of the sketch, in particular by avoiding a punch line at the end of the scene. Known sketches from Monty Python's Flying Circus are The parrot is dead, spam -Sketch, The deadliest joke in the world and The Ministry of Silly Walks.

'Iconic also has the 18-minute sketch Dinner for One by Freddie Frinton, which is broadcast every year on New Year's Eve in most third television programs.

Other meanings of words

  • In the English literature, a prose sketch or short story is called with a sketch that represents a random impression or a passing mood. It is known the sketchbook The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon by Washington Irving. It contains the first American short stories.
  • In the jargon of the graffiti scene a skit called a brief preliminary sketch.