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Skodje is a place and a municipality in the Norwegian province (county ) Møre og Romsdal. The administrative center of the municipality is Skodje.


Since the construction of the first church, the village is named after a farm named Skodje ( Old Norse: Sköðvin ). The meaning of the first syllable of the name Sköð is not known, the second syllable vin means as much as meadow, pasture or grassland. Until the year 1879, the place name wrote Skoue.


Skodje with its up to 576 meters high cliff stretches from north to south over the Storfjorden 14.9 km ( land only 13.7 km ) east to west and 22.2 kilometers. The population density is 36 inhabitants per square kilometer.

The neighboring municipalities of Skodje are Ålesund, Haram, Ørskog, Sykkylven, Vestnes.


Engsetdalsvatnet and Brusdalsvatnet are the two major lakes, the majority of which are located in the territory of the municipality Skodje.

The Engsetdalsvatnet is about 4.36 km ² and lies with its water level 46 m above sea level. Its shoreline stretches over a total length of 21.57 km. Like the majority of geomorphic forms in Norway, its origin probably goes essentially back to the last ice age. With 7.48 km ² of Brusdalsvatnet is slightly larger.


The population of the municipality Skodje developed since the 18th century, as darsgestellt in the following table:

The allochthonous population is currently (2007) less than five percent.