Skukuza is the main camp of the Kruger National Park in South Africa.


Skukuza is located in the east of South Africa in Mpumalanga Province and about 70 kilometers from the border with Mozambique. Near the Sabie River flows.


The camp was named in 1900 Sabie Bridge, but was in 1936, renamed from the word Sikhukhuza, which originates from the Shangaan language in Skukuza. The name means " New Broom" and is used as a nickname for James Stevenson - Hamilton, the first conductor of the camp, thought of was cleaning the area from poachers and outlaws. Today Skukuza offers more than 1000 visitors a place to stay. The camp is the starting point for safaris and also has a 9- hole golf course.


The main attraction of Skukuza are safaris by jeep into the environment, where a large number of different animal species can be observed in their natural habitats. These include the Big Five ( elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion and leopard ).


Busts of Paul Kruger (center), Pieter Grobler (left) and James Stevenson - Hamilton ( right) in Skukuza

Sabie River in Skukuza


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