Skunk loach

Horas Loach ( Yasuhikotakia morleti )

The Horas Loach ( Yasuhikotakia morleti, Syn: horae Botia, Botia morleti ), also called Aalstrichschmerle or Mausschmerle, is a carp -like fish from the family of clown loaches. He is held as freshwater ornamental fish in aquaria.


A native of the rivers of Thailand and Malaysia Horas Loach is about 6 to 10 cm long and can reach an age of up to 20 years. Is externally rather plain and has a spine below the eye. They feed mainly on snails and insects and their larvae.

Hunting and

The aquarium should be with some hiding places, such as superimposed rocks, roots, equipped. In addition, the floor of sand or fine gravel should be because the fish with preference digs up the ground. As a food, the Horas Loach preferably next to snails, especially frozen or live food such as mosquito larvae.