Sky marshal

An Air Marshal (English air or sky marshal ), and air marshals, a nichtuniformierter, specially trained officer is usually the police, accompanied in some countries, but also intelligence authorities, the passenger flights and to assure the safety of the passengers, the crew and the aircraft. Main mission is the prevention of hijackings and the fight against terrorism on the plane.

Situation in the Federal Republic of Germany

In order to prevent threats to flight safety, the Federal Police use specially trained law enforcement officials as a air marshals on board German aircraft.


Israel, Switzerland, East Germany, Iraq and Sri Lanka

Since the 1970s, there are armed flight attendants on certain routes the airline Swissair, the Israeli El Al ( members of the special unit Sajeret Matkal ), the Inter- Flight ( Department staff AGMS of the Ministry for State Security ), the Iraqi Iraqi Airways ( Department staff M22 ("Protective Services" ) of the Iraqi Intelligence service ) and Air Lanka.

United States

The official launch of the Air Marshal in the U.S. ( here sky marshal ) was carried out in response to the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001. Previously, since the late 1970s, there were already isolated armed flight attendance at special positions by the Delta Force, a special military unit for combating terrorism.

European Union

In Austria Air Marshals are provided by the SWAT Cobra since 1981, in Germany, the Federal Police, following the example of the United States since November 24, 2001 Officials as an Air Marshal. Other EU countries such as France, Great Britain, Italy and Spain have also declared the intention to use air marshals.