SkyExpress (Russian: Скай Экспресс ) was the first Russian low-cost airline based in Moscow and base at the airport Vnukovo.


SkyExpress was founded by Boris Abramovich, the CEO and major shareholder of KrasAir, in March 2006. The shareholders were originally next to this, and his brother Alexander ( together 40%), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development ( 20%) and the UK investment companies Altima Partners (20%), MG Capital ( 10%) and Sloane Robinson ( 10%). However, it was announced in March 2009 that 75 % of SkyExpress shares were purchased by the entrepreneur Vitaly Wanzew.

The first machine for SkyExpress was delivered on 12 November 2006 in Moscow; This amount related to a formerly operated by Lufthansa and the Brazilian Gol Transportes Aéreos Boeing 737-300. On 29 January 2007 SkyExpress started with the recording of the route from Moscow to Sochi regular flight operations. By September 2007, six more Russian domestic objectives were added.

The cheapest airline tickets society initially cost 500 rubles (around 15 euros ), since they were available from 2000 rubles. The sale was, as usual, mostly takes place in other low cost airlines internet. Could be paid, among other things with a credit card or cash deposit at the Potschta Rossii or the branches of the WTB.

In spring 2011 there was the first time to financial problems, as the home base of the SkyExpress, the airport Vnukovo, due to outstanding invoices refused to handle their aircraft. On 31 October 2011, the Russian Aviation Authority of the debt-ridden airline withdrew finally the operating license. Part of the aircraft and the route network was taken over by Kuban Airlines.


SkyExpress offered from Moscow regular flights to several destinations within Russia, including Kaliningrad, Murmansk and Tyumen, as well as seasonal charter flights to European holiday destinations.


As of October 2011 ( before cessation of operation ) was the fleet of SkyExpress of eleven aircraft:

  • 3 Airbus A319 -100
  • 2 Boeing 737-300
  • 6 Boeing 737-500