Skyfire (web browser)

5.1.2 (iOS ) October 25, 2013

Skyfire is a mobile web browser for smartphones and tablet computers, has been developed for the Android and iOS operating systems. Versions for Windows Mobile and Symbian have been set as of December 31, 2010 and can no longer be used. Browser and service are free for Android because the developers may be financed from risk capital.


The browser uses the free HTML rendering library WebKit.

Up to version 1.5

The client on the phone does not project requests directly to the desired page, but to the proxy server of the manufacturer. On the server, the pages are rendered using the Firefox browser and then transmitted as pictures back to the phone. Also content plug-ins need (eg Flash, Java), can be used.

Starting with version 2.0

As of version 2.0 is completely without a proxy server and the browser makes its requests now more directly to the desired server. Flash videos are converted by the proxy server in HTML5 video and reduce the amount of data simultaneously by up to 75 percent.

Flash on the iPhone

Very great attention was given to the browser, because it can play Flash on the iPhone.

Five hours after the release of version 2.0 in the App Store, they had to be withdrawn because the large demand for the flash function, the server auslastete very. In store the software has been marked as "sold out". It should be available again as soon as the server capacities are expanded.