SkyscraperPage (abbreviated SSP, German skyscraper page ) is an English-language website of Skyscraper Source Media Inc. based in Victoria (British Columbia), Canada. The new company has copyright on since 1997. The domain has been registered according Whois record on 18 May 1999, according to these data represents Dylan Leblanc the company to the outside.


The site was founded with the goal of creating the largest database of skyscrapers and other buildings, it also deals with architecture. Chief among these are the so-called skyscraper diagrams ' (German: Skyscrapers diagrams ) in which buildings are mapped graphically. Below the chart, then the most important data of the building are listed: the name, location (city and country), year of construction, the status, number of floors, the use and the level of the roof, the spire and the antenna ( in some structures can not be filled in all of these three lines). Skyscraperpage provides information about buildings of various types, so there except skyscrapers and television towers, transmission towers, churches and monasteries, chimneys, stadiums, silos and lower buildings. This database currently includes over 86,000 buildings, of which around 29,000 a drawing ( graph) exists (as of 2013). There are in every state registered buildings, however, they differ in the number. For example, in the U.S. and China significantly more structures in the database as in Greece. offers since 1999 a board. Logged in user is thus to discuss with other users, and to submit proposals for the inclusion of new structures in the database with the ability to. In addition, the company operates an online shop on the website, can be purchased over the posters of the objects from the database and similar utensils.


In the diagrams (, skyscraper diagrams ') are compared graphically represented ( in height and design) and buildings. Images featured are to be modeled on the real structure in terms of looks. All drawings are presented as GIF. Drawn they are users of the site who have registered as illustrators. The illustrators are volunteer users of the site.

Below the graphics some data are listed to the building. Skyscraperpage defines the following status categories for buildings:

  • Built
  • Under construction
  • Interrupted construction
  • In planning
  • Vision
  • Revoke
  • Fantasy ( building itself was invented by artist)
  • Demolished or destroyed

The standard diagrams ( city or state diagram ) includes only the first four of the categories listed above. In its details, the website is governed by the criteria of the internationally recognized Commission Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, which is responsible for height measurement in high-rise buildings.

For copyright reasons, the free copying or publishing of the graphics of the buildings is not possible. However, it can be applied in exceptional cases, to obtain a license for individual buildings graphics.