SkyTeam is an airline alliance, founded in 2000. She is currently with 20 members, according to the Star Alliance, the second largest airline alliance in the world.


The companies listed below are members of the SkyTeam alliance. There are extensive with each other collaboration agreements such as code-share agreements, mutual use of airport lounges as well as the coordination and compatibility of frequent flyer programs and their status.

In June 2010, the abolition of the additional partner program was announced, the existing SkyTeam partner Air Europa and Kenya Airways have risen in the course of which full members.

1only associate member from 2007 to 2010 2Gründungsmitglied


Following the accession of Garuda Indonesia on March 5, 2014 No further accessions are currently being made ​​firm. Companies that have only officially or rumored to pull a membership to consider or advertised so far no final accession commitment, are not considered here.

Former members and partners

The following airlines were full members or partner of the SkyTeam and are excreted.

Structural data

As of June 2011, the SkyTeam network includes 14 full members. These and some partner airlines maintain a network of 916 destinations in 169 countries with approximately 14,000 daily departures. The SkyTeam members transport as 474 million passengers a year. They also have in common 465 lounges, at the various frequent flyer programs of the SkyTeam airline total of around 150 million members are registered. The entire SkyTeam network fleet numbers 2,364 airplanes of 1,104 full members and other aircraft from partner companies. The members of SkyTeam entertain 388 723 jobs.