SLA Industries

SLA Industries is a science fiction role-playing game in a distant future, in which a single large group has placed at the head of humanity in space.

Content and rules

The players embody ' Operational ', employees of this company and make the often violent " dirty work " of the group. Herein is similar to SLA Industries the Shadowrun game, but the players take here the part of the "other side". Another special feature is the role of the media. The actions of the Operative are often broadcast on television and must therefore often be staged media attention in order to gain prestige, more money and a higher level of security within the Group. This is for example supports that the cost of ammunition be very high, so that the fernsehträchtigere melee is encouraged. In addition, SLA Industries is characterized by the so-called ' Truth' from. The Group and the whole game world is overlaid by a dark secret that vent the player is very slow and confusing. This is carried by a strong competition of the only areas of the Group and powerful intelligence agencies and regulators, as well as by often unknown motivations behind the individual orders.

Material and development

The role play was edited by Nightfall Games in Glasgow, Scotland for the first time in 1993. So far it is only in English even when the publishers Hogshead Publishing and Wizards of the Coast published. Since early 2011, the system of Nightfall Games will continue to be produced and it seem Data Packets, regular smaller and affordable PDF products. Also new source books are announced.

Source Books

  • SLA Industries - Principles, 1993
  • Karma, 1994
  • Mort, 1995
  • The Contract Directory, 2001
  • CS 1 (= " Cannibal Sector One " ), 2007
  • Hunter Sheets, 2007
  • Hunter Sheets 2, 2011


  • Key of Delhyread

Game Aids

  • Gamemaster Pack

Data Packets ( pdf)

  • Ursa Carrien
  • Klick's End
  • Hunter Sheets 2 ( in smaller portions )
  • Pen -and- paper role-playing game