SLI is an abbreviation for:

  • Aerolitoral, Mexican regional airline after the IATA code
  • Scalable Link Interface, technology that enables multiple operating from PC graphics card manufacturer NVIDIA
  • Scanline interleaving technique to two - zweiunddreißigfachen (4 * 8 chips ) enables the operation of 3D graphics chip manufacturer 3dfx interactive
  • Single Line Injection, manufacturing processes for composite structures
  • Specific Language Impairment, form a language impairment (German designation: specific language impairment )
  • Supplemental Liability Insurance car rentals equivalent to the automobile liability insurance (literally " supplementary liability insurance " )
  • Swiss Leader Index Swiss Market Index

Sli stands for:

  • Niederschlesisch, around Görlitz spoken dialect ( language code according to ISO 639-3 ); see Silesian ( German dialect)
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