Slot machine

A slot machine is a mechanical or electronic gaming machine. The name comes from the fact that older models after insertion of a coin (hence the American term slot machine ) could be started with a lever arm. Slot machines are placed usually in casinos - in contrast to so-called slot machines, as they may be operated in Germany in restaurants and gambling halls.

History and designations

The first of all the slot machines was the Black Cat the brothers Caille. Built in 1889, she had the typical side-arm and was the first called " one-armed bandit ". Later in 1897, followed by an apparatus of the Swabian emigrated to California mechanical engineer Charles August Fey.

The name of one-armed bandit is to signal that it pulls the user like a bandit the money out of your pocket when you press his arm ( lever ). In the U.S., these devices are slot machine ( slot machine = ), poker machine in Australia and in the UK fruit machine ( = fruit machine, according to the symbols on the reels ) called. The first established in California machine type contributed by the symbol with the maximum win possibility the name Liberty bell.

Appearance and function

Pressing a lever sets wheel with symbols in motion. The aim is that the wheel stop and show the same symbols. The principles laid down in Germany only in casinos machines offer high profits ( jackpot winnings of several million dollars, or euros ).

Traditional device with rollers and hand levers are replaced by modern machines with screens on which the rolls are simulated. This screen devices have the advantage of allowing the player the choice between several games or stakes. Latest development are devices in which the player can determine the value of a loan ( the smallest unit of the stake ) itself. Depending on the design of the machine even more paylines, up to 25, or credits per payline can be played. The bet per game can be well over 200 loans have ( therefore 100 euros with a credit value of 50 cents). Profit opportunities in these individual machines can reach ( 200,000 euro ) then the amount of 400,000 credits. To screen devices and conventional casino games such as blackjack, poker and roulette can be uploaded. Several devices can be connected together to form a jackpot system.

The payment of winnings in these machines is done either by built Auszahleinheiten ( technical term " Hopper ") or by hand disbursement of the supervisory staff. Most slot machines in Las Vegas Print payout in case a lottery scratch ticket, the player then redeem at the cashier or may use in other machines again.


Manufacturers of these machines are, inter alia, the company IGT, Bally (USA), Atronic ( Germany ), Aristocrat (Australia) and Unidesa (Spain).


One-armed bandit is attributed to a particularly high risk of addiction because of the rapid succession of games, the interaction of the player during the game and the payment of intercompany profits.


The short film Slot Machine by Wu Chang -Jung from 2010 is rotated in the form of a one-armed bandits.

One-armed bandits are also in the actions of many cartoons like Tom and Jerry used, whereby the machine is often installed in unexpected places and a very funny profit, for example spits out a whole bunch of golf balls.