Sloten (Amsterdam)

Sloten was a former Dutch village in the province of North Holland and is today a district of the municipality of Amsterdam.


The earliest official mention of Sloten dates back to 1063 and is now around 200 years older than Amsterdam. Around the year 1000 the area was a swampy landscape and scarcely populated. After the year 1000, agriculture was operated and founded the first villages. 1175 Sloten was moved to the present Sloterweg. The Sloterweg was until the beginning of the 16th century, the most important land route between Amsterdam and North Holland.

1816 was a separate municipality from the village of Sloten. Since January 1921 Sloten belongs to the municipality of Amsterdam and was partly integrated in the district of Osdorp. In the middle of Sloten is the smallest police station in the Netherlands. In the 1990s resulted in several new housing estates, on the Tuinbouwgebiet Sloten the settlement " Nieuw Sloten ." On the other side of the district " De Aker " and " Oostoever ". Around 1979 the garden cities ( " Tuinsteden " ) Tuinstadt Slotermeer, Geuzenveld, Slotervaart, Overtoomse Veld and Osdorp were completed. Sloten has 13,490 inhabitants (as of February 2010). The oldest windmill Sloten, built in 1636, was in operation until 1932. As the Nieuwe Meer ( "New Sea" ) was laid out in the 1950s, was the " Riekerplas ". In 1956, the mill was demolished and in 1961 built on the Amstel River in the Kalfjeslaan again.


  • Since 1991, Sloten has a new windmill, one of the few in Holland which can be visited daily from visitors. In April 2005, she was floored with Kuiperijmuseum.
  • Nature Park De vrije Geer was opened to visitors in 2003.

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