Slotervaart (former borough)

Slotervaart, named after the same channel, is a neighborhood in the borough of Amsterdam Nieuw- West in the municipality of Amsterdam, North Holland province. 2009 had 16,730 inhabitants Sloterwaart on an area of 11.15 km ².


The channel Slotervaart was a connection between the former village of Sloten and the former village Overtoom. Slotervaart had until the 1950s, an important function as a transport route. On the canal fresh vegetables delivered to the markets on the Prinsengracht and later Marnixstraat daily.

1935, the " General Expansion Plan " (Algemeen Uitbreidingsplan AUP ) was established. This plan contained descriptions of how the new districts should look like in the future. The Second World War delays occurred in the city spread. 1955 were realized in the now existing district Slotervaart the first houses. The original name of the district was Slotervaart / Overtoomse Veld, today only Slotervaart. The name Overtoomse Veld is now used only as a name for a neighborhood district. In this neighborhood are the Queen Wilhelmina Square, named after Queen Wilhelmina (1880-1962), and the " World Fashion Centre".

To include the Slotervaart neighborhood:

  • Nieuw Sloten. The name comes from the former village of Sloten, here is the Kasterleepark.
  • Oostoever was built in the second half of the 1990s.
  • Sloterparkwijk. The park was built between 1960 and 1989. In the northwestern part of the park is the President Allendelaan, it provides a link between Osdorp and the Slotermeer dar. 1990, the park was " divided " into the Geuzenveld, Slotervaart and Osdorp district.