Slovak alphabet

The Slovak alphabet (in Slovak Slovenská abeceda ) is a variant of the Latin alphabet, which is used to write the Slovak. A total of 46 characters are contained, in addition to the 26 basic letters three to digraphs (dz, dž, ch ) and 17 letters with diacritics ( acute (Slovak dĺžeň ), caron (Slovak mäkčeň ), umlaut (Slovak dve Bodky or prehláska ) and circumflex (Slovak vokáň ) ) omitted.

The alphabet

The uppercase and lowercase letters and order are given in the following table.

Although the umlaut Ö and Ü are not part of the Slovak alphabet, but occur, for example, in proper names. The consonants Q, W and X are contained only in foreign words.

Name and pronunciation of the letters

The names of the letters are from the normalization text pravidla Slovenského pravopisu (2000) taken ( eg with the German spelling dictionary equivalent), followed by alternative spelling. To each, according to the phonetic value is also indicated by IPA.


Notwithstanding the German language the consonants L and R could Slovak syllabic (ie as vowels act ), L and R are always there.



In addition to the vowel ô ia, ie, iu among diphthongs.