Slovenian Ice Hockey League

The Slovenian Hockey League is the highest division in the Slovenian Hockey, in which also the Slovenian champion is played. It was established after the declaration of independence of Slovenia from Yugoslavia in 1991. After teams from Croatia took part in the league for the first time already in the season 2006/ 07, a second championship was in 2009 with the Slohokej League started, which - similar to the Alps League and the International League a few years earlier - a separate master plays out before then the respective national champion to be determined. This had the consequence that the Slovenian Hockey League has since been discharged only in a truncated form.

Up to now win the title of the Slovenian champion only two teams. With a total of 13 titles in the HDD Olimpija Ljubljana record holder is followed by HK Jesenice with eight titles.


The Slovenian Hockey League emerged in 1991 after the disintegration of Yugoslavia from the previously discharged Yugoslav Hockey League. In the years of its existence, the championship was consistently dominated by the two teams HK Jesenice and HDD Olimpija Ljubljana, which are the only carrier of the Slovenian league title until today. The history of the league is dominated by the parallel discharged transnational Hockey League competitions of the Alps (1991 to 1999) and the Inter- League (1999 to 2007). This often resulted in a shortened season with just a few games.

Due to the significant class difference of HK Jesenice sought early on a solution that could make the team a new challenge. Since the season 2006/07 HK Jesenice therefore takes part in the Austrian Hockey League. The HDD Olimpija Ljubljana followed a year later. Both teams operate, however, continue to farm teams in the Slovenian League and discharged into the playoffs with the first team to when the Slovenian champion is played.

Conversely, took the league but with KHL Medveščak Zagreb from Croatia in the 2006/07 season also a foreign team. As the number of participants increased from other nations, was launched in 2009 with the League Slohokej their own championships, in which participating teams from four nations. The Slohokej League was discontinued after disputes with the operating company in 2012 and the remaining teams Slovenian teams joined the Inter- National League ( INL ) to. At season's end, the Slovenian clubs in the EBEL, the INL and the Slovenian Hockey League play from the Slovenian champion.

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  • The HK Bled, who took part in the League until 2010, held in its premises and the Rudi - Hiti - Summer Cup, a warm-up tournament for club teams. In its final staging took six teams from four nations participated in the tournament.