SME (newspaper)

SME ( German: " We are", while the first three letters of the word Smena ) is a Slovak newspaper.


The paper was supported by a group of editors of the Smena (until 1989, the newspaper of the Socialist Youth League, Slovak SZM) founded in January 1993, do not use a new, appointed by the government Meciar indirectly in their view, editor in chief and with the corresponding new editorial policy agreed and had done around the former editor in chief Karol Ježík. The new newspaper, it is relatively quick able to attract the readers of Smena, so that SME was in 1995 united with Smena. 2004, a second association with the newspaper Praca.

The newspaper

SME had a circulation of 55 468 in May 2010. The newspaper is published six times a week in Berlin -like format (315 × 423 mm ) on pages 28-48 and is regarded as a critical independent newspaper. It serves all ages and is but mostly viewed by young readers as " their newspaper ." The newspaper has been closed since its inception very critical of any government in which the party Vladimír Meciar participates, and represents views from the right side of the political spectrum. It has its own publishing house, the Petit Press, as and its own printing. The current chief editor is called Matus Kostolný; former chief editors are Ježík Karol (1993-1998) and Martin Šimečka Milan ( 1998-2006).

Regional Presence

The publishing company of SME, Petit Press, is also active at the regional level; in the western and central Slovakia are various weekly regional newspapers together as MY ( literally: "WE " ) performed while the Eastern Slovakia, the daily newspaper Korzár is determined. Other published papers are the Hungarian language Új Szó ( new word ) and the English-language The Slovak Spectator.

Online edition

The newspaper has an online presence at the address since 1993 A blog platform was (initially limited ) created in October 2004, with the goal of making cover areas of citizen journalists, where the newspaper had no reach. Six months after the blogs have been released for all. In October 2008, the entire platform comprised of about 11,000 members. In addition, the newspaper involved in the digitization of public domain books in Slovak cooperation with the Slovak National Library; In July 2010, there were more than 1,200 books, according to their own information.

The website of SME was in May 2010, the third most visited site in Slovakia ( 1.59206 million RU).