Smithers (British Columbia)

The town of Smithers is located in the valley of the Bulkley River in the northern part of the Canadian province of British Columbia, halfway between Prince Rupert and Prince George.


The city was founded in 1913 as a regional headquarters of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. The community was named after the director of this society Sir Alfred Smithers. 1921 Smithers became the first registered community in British Columbia. The development of local mineral resources and agriculture ensured a steady economic growth.

The Town Hall is located in 1027 Aldous Street. The new building was completed in 2004. Mayor Cress Farrow is.

The granting of local autonomy for the church took place on October 1, 1921 ( incorporated as the Village Municipality ). The status of the community changed over time, and several times since June 27, 1967 Smithers has the status of a small town ( Town).


The census in 2011 showed a population of 5,404 inhabitants for the community. The population has thereby increased since the last census in 2006 by 3.6 %, while the population in the province of British Columbia at the same time grew by 7.0%.


The main industries are forestry operations, agriculture, tourism and mining. From here, most outfitters, wilderness lodges, Wildnistouroperater and gold mines that are scattered in the vast nature supplies.

The average income of employees from Smithers in 2006 was at 25 884 C $, while it was in the province of British Columbia 24 867 C $.

Transport links

Highway 16, also known under the name of the Yellowhead Highway, connects with Smithers Prince Rupert and Prince George. The city is served by the Canadian National Railway and owns with the Smithers airport has its own airport.


  • Summer average temperature 21 ° C
  • Winter average temperature -5 ° C
  • Average Rainfall: January 58 and July mm 46 mm
  • Average Snowfall: Between December and April 106 cm