Floral foam is a synthetic resin foam which is used in flower arranging for flower arranging.


Floral foam are available as wet and dry floral foam. The wet floral foam has been specially developed for fresh cut flowers need water. The dry floral foam can not absorb water and is suitable with silk flowers or dried flowers for crafts and flower arrangements.


As a basis for the production of resins and other materials based on crude oil be used. Some manufacturers state not to use CFCs in the foams. After curing, the blocks are divided, in order to bring the floral foam by means of sawing and milling machines into the desired shapes.


According to the information of individual manufacturers some plug foams can be composted.

Wet floral foam is able to absorb water very quickly. Wet or fresh flower arrangement foams can absorb up to about 95% of its own volume of water. The water is stored and released later in the set flowers.


Floral Foam products are available in various shapes, sizes and colors. Shells made ​​of plastic with floral foam used for table arrangements with fresh flowers. Balls, bricks, bowling or wreaths make arrangements for different table or Christmas decorations. Especially for weddings bridal bouquet holder, car decoration and heart-shaped arrangement documents are available commercially. In Sympathy & Funeral floral foam is used, for example in the form of rings, crosses and hearts as plug pad for the grave jewelry.

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