SMtv San Marino

San Marino RTV is the public broadcaster of the mini-state of San Marino. Your full name is: " Radiotelevisione della Repubblica di San Marino " (Radio and Television of the Republic of San Marino).

San Marino RTV was founded in 1991 thanks to a share capital of duck per la Radio Diffusione Sammarinese ( ERAS, Institute for the Sammarinese broadcasting) and the Italian public RAI. Both participated with 50 % of the capital. San Marino RTV sends in Italian, the official language of San Marino.


On 27 December 1992, the trial operation began on a radio program of Radio San Marino RTV, which went into regular service from 25 October 1993. A TV program was followed on 28 February 1994, after it had raced since April 24, 1993 in test mode. The program started early at 10 clock, Sendeschluss was provided by 2 clock at night. With the first shipments, including the work of the current service began. In July 1995, San Marino RTV member of the EBU ( European Broadcasting Union); is currently also a member of the Institute Comunità Italofona Radiotelevisiva ( Italian Language Broadcasting Union).

2008 San Marino took first at the Euro Vision Song Contest in Belgrade part. This could receive in the transmission area of San Marino RTV also Italian from Emilia -Romagna, the southern and the northern Veneto marks the Euro Vision Song Contest. However, the piece of Complice Miodio was not well received by the European audience and finished with only 5 points the last spot in the semifinals. 2009 and 2010 San Marino decided not to participate. In 2011 it was decided by Italy's return to the ESC also participate again.

Radio San Marino RTV

Radio San Marino RTV is the oldest radio program in San Marino ( the second oldest program is the private station Radio San Marino on the FM frequency 98.8 MHz). Radio San Marino RTV broadcasts around the clock. It is to be received on the FM frequency 102.7 MHz in the territory of Romagna Adriatic coast and via live stream on the Internet.

Radio San Marino Classic

Radio San Marino Classic is the second public radio program of San Marino. It is since June 2004 on the air and radiates Italian and international evergreens, the games of the Sammarinese football championship and the sessions of the National Parliament ( Consiglio Grande e Generale ) from.

Radio San Marino Classic is broadcast on the FM frequency 103.2 MHz in a small area between Pesaro and Cesena. There is also an internet live stream.


San Marino RTV (also referred to as the " San Marino Video") broadcasts around the clock. The program specializes in local news, documentaries, cultural and national sporting events. It also sends television and cartoons. The transmitter has a high amount of advertising - the advertising is broadcast on local television format ( advertisement of shops, businesses, etc.).


  • A domanda risponde!
  • Domenica sport, "Sport am Sonntag"
  • Dritto & rovescio
  • Forum in aula
  • Fuorigioco
  • Primo comma
  • Rubricario
  • Senza parole
  • Spazio Aperto dossier
  • Tele stadio
  • Testimoni
  • TG Comunità, magazine on the Sammarinese Communities Abroad
  • TG Ragazzi, children's news
  • TG San Marino, news show with 9 issues - main issue at 19:30 clock
  • Viale Kennedy, 13


San Marino RTV is to be received in the Republic at the frequency 51. The TV program reached Italy in the area between Venice, Bologna and Romagna.