SNCF Class BB 17000

The BB 17000 (also called Danseuses ) is a French electric locomotive class, built from 1965 to 1968. A total of 105 locomotives of this type were purchased by the Société nationale des chemins de fer français ( SNCF). Since 2007, the locomotives are out of service.


The locomotives belong to the great series of "BB Alsthom ". These were called because they tend to falter even Danseuses. A total of 105 locomotives were manufactured BB 17000-1968. There are also many sister locomotives that are very similar: 146 BB 8500, BB 294 16500, 13 BB and 194 BB 20200 25500th

In the 1960s, the SNCF locomotives suitable needed for the new 25,000 -V Einphasenstromsystem. Therefore, the BB 17000 series was commissioned and produced in two variants. By 1968, a total of 105 units were built. Since 2007, they will be gradually phased out, currently 84 are still in operation.

Technical Features

These locomotives are the SNCF BB 25500 very similar except that they can not go below 1.5 kV DC. The BB 17000 series was equipped with two gear ratios, what the freight transport at 90 km / h ( now 100 km / h ) and the passenger transport with 140 km / h allowed. With a continuous power 2940 kW, the locomotives were suitable to be used on main lines before passenger trains. The locomotives are mainly used on 25 kV electrified lines in the north and east of France used.

There are three different car bodies. The 17001-37 have a 13.604 meter long frame with a vertical front. The 17038-17105 own a 13.7 meter long frame with a vertical front. The 17005 has the only a small stem (nose) and has a 14.38 meter long frame. This peculiarity was wearing this locomotive a the nickname Donald Duck. These different box shape she got because she received a box with improved anti-collision after an accident. Even then she got to another base that actually corresponds to the BB 25500. The modified car body, it is with 79 tons of a tonne heavier than the other engines in which the weight is given as 78 tons. Is correspondingly different, the length over the buffers 14.7 ( 17001-17037 ), 14.94 ( 17038-17105 ) and 15.57 ( 17005 ) meters. However, the dimensions of the truck is the same everywhere. The pivot point distance is 8.5 meters and the bogie axles have a distance of 1608 mm, giving a total wheelbase of 9,108 meters. All wheels have a nominal diameter of 1100 mm. Each bogie has a single drive motor (mono motor bogie ) which drives a transmission, both axles. The motor of the type TAB 660 B1 is forced - ventilated, and has at 1500 volts with a rated current of 1050 amps.

The two pantographs, the construction type AM 18 U are unevenly distributed on the 3.58 -meter-high roof. The contact strips middle of the pantograph on the side with the main switch is 4.271 mm apart from the box center, while the measure is on the other side of 4,239 mm. In both pantographs the middle joint of the middle box is facing.

The locomotives have a push-pull train, and can operate with a further locomotive in double traction. For the operation of passenger trains has the locomotive a " Facilities Agent à Seul ", this will allow trains to run without a conductor. This includes a voice connection between the locomotive and train is installed.

The locomotive has a non-skid and a mehrlösige pneumatic brake. Face side, only one connection with Absperhahen for the main air line air brake and a main air reservoir pipe with 9 bar is available each. For it has on each end face of both, a cable such as a Heizdose the train line. This is operated as usual in France with 1500 volts and 50 Hz.

As train control has the locomotive in addition to the basic equipment, even the " Contrôle de vitesse par balises ", the built-in " Repetition of signaux optique " and as the train radio "Radio sol train". As a safety control mechanism is the " Veille Automatique à contrôle de maintien d' appui " installed.


The majority of trains locomotives come Transilien Paris -Nord, Saint- Lazare and Paris -Est used. They are also used with Rame inox omnibus (RIO ) in the TER Bretagne and freight trains.

The first two disused locomotives, BB 17099 and BB 17101 were sold to Romania.

The person responsible for these locomotives workshop ( EIMM ) is the " Établissement industriel du matériel de maintenance de Quatre- Mares ".

Ausragierte vehicles

  • November 2007: BB 17099 and 17101 ( sale to Romania )
  • August 2008: BB 17005
  • November 2008: BB 17001, 17019, 17057 and 17104
  • December 2008: BB 17006, 17012, 17015, 17027, 17037, 17045 and 17078
  • February 2009: BB 17063
  • May 2009: BB 17032
  • December 2009: BB 17007
  • September 2009: BB 17022, 17048
  • December 2010: BB 17040
  • December 2011: BB 17030