SNCF Class BB 25500

14.94 m ( 25545-25587 ) 15.57 m ( 25588-25694 )

4.28 m ( 25588-25694 )

78 t ( 25545-25587 ) 80 t ( 25588-25694 )

25 kV, 50 Hz ~

The SNCF BB 25500 is a French electric locomotive class for use on the DC power and the AC network SNCF. The locomotives were built by Alsthom of 19 May 1964 to 14 January 1976.


These locomotives are part of a large series, the "BB Alsthom ". A total of 194 locomotives of the type BB 25500 were delivered, but there are also many sister locomotives: 146 BB 8500, BB 294 16500, 105 17000 BB 13 and BB 20200th

The BB 25500 is two system-compatible and can be used in many ways. The top speed is 140 km / h for long-distance trains. But the mediocre suspension, hence the nickname " Danseuses " comes, the locomotive is now confined to the regional and freight services. All BB 25500, which are in passenger transport ( TER) in use, are wendezugfähig.

The BB 25500 has two variants, the locomotives BB 25500-25588 and 25588-25694 BB locomotives, these last have a larger cab.


The commissioning of the BB 25500 has made it possible that trains throughout can be covered with a single locomotive within France, as with the two traction power systems of France, 1.5 kV DC and 25 kV 50 Hz AC, cope. Since 1 January 1999, BB 25500 are divided into three different divisions: Zoned Fret ( freight), TER and Transilien.

Since 2004 locomotives of this series are discarded, including those who were for SNCF Fret in use. These are replaced by locomotives of the BB 27000 series. The field of application of the BB 25500 is the following:

  • Fret: Ligne de Grande Ceinture (home depot Achères );
  • TER: Dijon, Vénissieux (Lyon ), Marseille, Rennes, Lens;
  • Transilien (locomotives BB 25571, 25574, 25585, 25596-25613 and 25616 ). They operate with VB 2N.

Since the timetable change in 2006 these locomotives drive with rames inox omnibus (RIO ) between France and Switzerland, on the stretch of Geneva -La Plaine Bellegarde. In December 2008, the traffic has been further reinforced by two RIO, for this purpose an additional 25500 BB was necessary.

In addition, a locomotive of this series was rented by SBB Cargo to convey freight trains between Geneva and La Praille / Vernier - Meyrin.

Since the winter timetable 2009/2010, BB 25500 are used for the TER Nord-Pas- de -Calais. There they replace the BB 16500th latter are now only at the TER Picardie in use.


  • STF Bour. - F. C.: 16 ( " Superviseur Technique de Bourgogne Franche- Comté fleet " ( STF) system (German: Technical monitoring of the fleet of Bourgogne Franche -Comté ) ). The BB 25500 STF drive in the Bourgogne and Franche -Comté; the locomotives belong to any region.
  • Lens: 15 (TER)
  • Marseille- Blancarde: 24 (TER)
  • Montrouge: 2 (Ile de Farnce ), used for passing Transilien trains.
  • Rennes: 21 (TER)
  • Strasbourg: 17 (TER)

Use in Romania

It locomotives were sold to the Romanian RU RegioTrans, this is the BB 25507, 25517, 25518, 25523, 25524, 25528, 25536, 25544, 25558, 25570, 25572, 25576 and 25581st These are there with rames inox omnibus among other things following au distance traveling:

  • Brasov -Bucharest - Constanta (Summer)
  • Brasov -Bucharest - Craiova (winter)
  • Brasov Alba Iulia
  • Alba Iulia Arad
  • Alba Iulia Cugir
  • Arad - Timisoara


This locomotive was green by the company Lima in points BB 25503 1:87 scale, BB 25554 green, BB 25525 béton (gray), BB 25545 manufactured béton (gray). Jouef has the locomotive BB 25531 Piko made ​​green and under the number the BB 25559 green. Piko also has the BB 25500 reproduced at a scale of 1:160 with long and short cabs.


The BB 25664 ala motive power for a TER Chambery - Albertville

The BB 25615 in the FRET finish in Ambérieu

The BB 25610 leaves the station Paris -Montparnasse

BB 25630 in the multi-service painting in Lyon Vaise