SNCF Class BB 8500

The BB 8500 (also called Danseuses ) is a French electric locomotive class, built from 1964 to 1974. A total of 146 locomotives of this type were purchased by the Société nationale des chemins de fer français ( SNCF).


The locomotives belong to the great series of "BB Alsthom ". These were called because they tend to falter even Danseuses. A total of 146 locomotives of the type BB were manufactured 8500-1974, and there are 3 different box shapes. There are also many sister locomotives that are very similar: 294 BB 16500, 105 BB 17000, BB 20200 and 13 194 BB 25500 The BB 8500 is the pure DC version of this locomotive family. .

Technical Features

The BB 8500 series has a switchable gear at a standstill with two translation stages. This made it possible to increase the traction force at the expense of speed. In the position freight train 90 km / h are (now certified for 100 km / h) and in the position passenger train 140 km / h can be achieved.

There four series have been delivered, with the first and second series do not differ externally. There are three different vehicle bodies which are different on the side wall, especially in the arrangement of the ventilation grille. The numbers 8501-8567 have on each side wall 25 small square ventilation grille. The numbers 8568-8587 have on each side wall 13 ventilation grille. The numbers 8588-8646 have a large over the whole length of the machine room ventilation continuous band. The last series also has a larger cab, which is why they are also longer. While the length of the sub frames is 13.7 meters in the first three series is 14.38 meters in the fourth series. The length over buffers is in the first three series 14.94 meters, while the fourth series is 15.57 meters long. However, the dimensions of the chassis are the same everywhere. The pivot point distance is 8.5 meters and the bogie axles have a distance of 1608 mm, giving a total wheelbase of 9,108 meters. All wheels have a nominal diameter of 1100 mm. Each bogie has a single drive motor (mono motor bogie ) which drives a transmission, both axles. The first series was the motor of the type TAB 660 A1, while the remaining three series of a type TAB were built 660 B1. Both engines are zwangsventiliert and have at 1500 volts with a rated current of 1050 amps.

The two pantographs, the construction type AM 18 U are unevenly distributed on the 3.58 -meter-high roof. The contact strips middle of the pantograph on the side with the main switch is 4271 mm outside the box center, while the measure is on the other side of 4,239 mm. In both pantographs the middle joint of the middle box is facing.