SNCF Class X 4900

The X 4900 by the French state railway SNCF series is a three-part diesel railcar Caravelle family. It is derived from the two-part X 4630, with whom he shares the diesel engine of the type Saurer SDHR with 330 kW of power and the hydraulic transmission. The railcars are stronger than any other of the Caravelle family, since they consist of two motor cars and a center car. This allows them to accelerate to a top speed of 140 km / hr. The external appearance is different from the other railcars of the family in the sense that as the color scheme blue, white and gray was chosen. The interior design was designed with care and benches have been omitted in favor of individual seats. 10 of 13 vehicles received from the reconstruction after 2000 new cabs.


The first six cars were first housed in the depot Marseille- Blancarde, which led to the replacement of the X 2400 and X 2800 series in the region. Due to their higher performance of the vehicles were used on the steep grades of the Southern Alps. The other seven units were allocated to the depot Sotteville -lès- Rouen.

The 4900 units in Normandy drove coupled with the vehicles of rows X 4500 and X 4750 in the cities of Caen, Rouen and Le Mans, but also to Rennes and Tours. In the south they remained until the arrival of the series BB 67400 in Marseille and were then also transferred to their siblings vehicles in Normandy. Despite the use of the newer vehicles the series X 72500 and partially in sequence X 73500 in Normandy, the X 4900 have retained their previous rosters there.

The three vehicles in the Basse -Normandie were renewed extensively at the beginning of the 21st century, but retained their original paint. The ten trains in the Haute -Normandie received the new TER - painting and a completely new cab that which is also converted vehicles of the X 4630 identical. In contrast to the X and 4300 X 4500 lines, the use of series X 4900 is secured to the tag for the next 15 years.


List of vehicles with stand 2006.