Snooker Plus

Snooker Snooker Plus is a variant, which was presented by former snooker world champion Joe Davis on October 26, 1959, the first time to the public.

Snooker Plus is played by the same rules as snooker, with the difference that it is on the table are two colored balls more: an orange ball, which is located halfway between the blue ball and the pink ball and a purple ball, which the distance between brown and blue halved. The orange ball to the player eight points, the purple ball ten. For the final, the colors, the order of snooker's remains, after the black ball follow Orange and Purple. Compared to the maximum snooker break is so no longer at 147 points, but at 210 ( 15 times Red, Purple 15 times and 45 points in the final game ).

According to the ideas of Joe Davis, the game should be exciting and attractive for spectators. Snooker Plus could not prevail against snooker and was never played on a larger scale.