Snooker Shoot-Out

The Snooker Shoot - Out is a snooker tournament, which was first staged in 1990. It is an invitational tournament for which there are no points for the Snooker world rankings.


The 64 best players in the Snooker world rankings compete in a knockout system against each other. A Seeding does not exist, so that each round is paired once again. It is played in each round only one frame, which is limited to 10 minutes.


  • The winner of the lags must decide whether he or the opponent starts with the first blow.
  • It must drop a ball ( on) or touch a band every time, otherwise it is a foul.
  • After each challenge the opponent has ball in hand on the entire table.
  • During the first 5 minutes, the players have 20 (since 2013: 15) seconds per burst ( shot clock ).
  • During the second 5 minutes, the players have 15 (since 2013: 10) seconds per burst.
  • The player who after 10 minutes with the most points wins.
  • If there is a tie after 10 minutes, there is a play on the blue ball: It is alternately played from the "D". The blue ball needs to be punched by his Aufsetzmarke.


A similar tournament was held in 1990, but not continued in subsequent years. While the rules which are basically the normal snooker rules, only one frame was this played in each round. Only in the final was played Best of 3.