Snow Queen Trophy

The Snow Queen Trophy (Croatian Snjezna kraljica ) is a swept near the Croatian capital Zagreb ski race. The first edition of this scoring for Alpine Ski World Cup Slalom Women in January 2005. Since 2008, on the same ski slope also an annual World Cup Slalom, which is performed a few days after that the ladies ..

Scene of the Snow Queen Trophy is the winter sports area on the Medvednica Mountain ( German " Bear Mountain " ), below the 1,032 -meter peak Sljeme. The original name of the race was the Golden Bear (Croatian zlatni Medvjed ). Following the resignation of those born in Zagreb four times Olympic champion Janica Kostelic, the event was renamed in honor of her in Snow Queen Trophy. The slalom the men wear this label. The Winners will be crowned with a crown of crystal, in which the names of the previous winners are engraved. The prize money for the winner or the winner is 60,000 Euro, a total of 135,000 euros each will be distributed. Thus, the Snow Queen Trophy is the highest honor awarded in World Cup races with the ladies. For men, there is only the Hahnenkamm race in Kitzbühel higher profits.

The slalom on Sljeme be partially discharged under the lights and lure - especially because of the geographical proximity to the metropolis of Zagreb and the many successes of the Croatian ski team in recent years - every year 15000-20000 spectators at.

List of winners