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Snowy White (born Terence Charles White, born March 3, 1948 in Barnstaple, Devon / England) is a British rock guitarist.


Inspired by B.B. King, Buddy Guy and Otis Rush steered White in the 1960s, a new own kind of blues, which he continually refined along with his friend and partner Jam Peter Green ( founder of the band Fleetwood Mac). White usually plays a Gibson Les Paul Guitar of the variety. In the 1970s and 1980, White worked with the band Pink Floyd. Although he was not a permanent band, but was added load on world tours and concerts. For the studio album Animals he played the solo connection between the two parts of " Pigs On The Wing"; this version was initially released only as an 8- track tape.

In addition, Snowy White worked with Thin Lizzy and was in the early 1980s a permanent member of the group. He looked at the albums Chinatown and Renegade - for the latter he contributed the title track in collaboration with vocalist and bassist Phil Lynott at - and as a guest on the album " Live Life". Mid-80s then pursued their own goals and White used his time as a solo artist. Emerged during this period albums like Snowy White White Flames or with the hit " Bird of Paradise ".

In 1990, he collaborated with Roger Waters and played on the The Wall spectacle on the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. The following year, it led to a renewed cooperation at the concert of the Expo in Seville in "Guitar Legends". Then he produced the songs that he had written during the last years. From the album Highway to the Sun was born. In the 1990s, White founded with Juan van Emmerloot and Walter Latupeirissa own band ' The White Flames ". This created three albums: No Faith Required 1996 Little Wing in 1998 and Keep Out. We Are Toxic 1999 1999 accompanied Snowy White again Roger Waters on the U.S. Tour ' In The Flesh '. This was so successful that she again went to the States in the summer of 2000 on tour. During this time they recorded the live album and shot the film on the show. Snowy White still belongs to tour band of Waters, which is currently since 2010 with the Pink Floyd album "The Wall" world tour.

Another White Flames album called Restless was implemented in May 2002. In the same year, Snowy White went along with Roger Waters on a world tour. In spring 2005 he produced with the White Flames the new CD The Way It Is time with the four-piece: Richard Bailey, Walter Latupeirissa and Max Middleton. Snowy White and "The White Flames" were also 2005 and 2006 traveling in Europe to introduce this album to a wide audience, with the DVD The Way It Is - Live arose. From April to October 2006 Snowy White toured with Roger Waters in Europe and America. After that he made with his band " The White Flames" several appearances in England and elsewhere in Europe.

From April to June 2008 Snowy White toured again with Roger Waters and performed with this also at the Live Earth concert. In October 2008 Snowy White formed a new band called "The Snowy White Blues Project ", whose debut album was released in April 2009. Band members include Snowy White Matt Taylor, Ruud Weber and Juan van Emmerloot. In 2011 he reactivated his band "The White Flames " and released the album Realistic. After 2012, the DVD was released of Paradise " Snowy White and Friends". It includes the recording of a concert on 16 September 2011 at the Snowy White of companions from his bands "Blues Agency," "The White Flames" and "Snowy White's Blues Project " was supported.

Snowy White played with the following musicians: Linda Lewis, Chris Rea, Phil Lynott, Gary Moore, Pink Floyd, Peter Green, Thin Lizzy, David Gilmour, Roger Waters and Richard Wright.


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  • 2009: In Our Time Of Living
  • 2010: In Our Time ... Live

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